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Interactive learning is the fastest way to explore a new technology. Because you’re not just reading about it—you’re also manipulating it in real time to discover how it works. In the past, companies had to set up complex environments and datasets for their teams to get their heads around cloud platforms and cloud-based infrastructure and orchestration. But with O’Reilly, it’s as simple as opening a browser.

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Get your teams up to speed faster with interactive labs, challenges, and sandboxes to gain hands-on experience. No environment to set up, no software to install.

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Cloud labs

Every meaningful application on the web today is based on cloud technologies (or is about to be). Which is why O’Reilly members with team, enterprise, and government accounts can access cloud labs. So your tech teams get step-by-step guidance by top cloud professionals to learn how to solve real business problems—and build the expertise your organization needs to thrive.

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Get expert guidance on how technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, Python, and more respond in specific situations you’ll likely face. All within a real dev environment in your browser. So you’re properly prepared when it’s time to tackle real-world situations that can affect your work.

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Try your hand at applying the skills you’ve learned within real dev environments, but without step-by-step guidance. Think you can do it? You’ll get hints as you progress through the challenge in case you get stuck, so you can find effective solutions (and know which aren’t so effective) that you’re sure to remember when you encounter them in actual work situations.

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Develop your skills at your own pace, experimenting with live code in real dev environments preconfigured for Python, Ubuntu, Kubernetes, Java, SQL, and more. Access them instantly and experiment away—they’re a safe place to test innovative solutions to hard problems.

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