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January 18, 25 & February 1, 2024

Hands-On Python Foundations in 3 Weeks

Presented by Arianne Dee

Learn the Foundations of Python with Exercises, Homework, and Quizzes Learn by doing with hands-on Python coding scenarios and Katacoda challenges Solidify your skills with weekly assignments and quizzes to help ...

January 23, 2024

Python-Powered Excel

Presented by George Mount

Take Control of Your Data by Automating Excel Spreadsheets Excel spreadsheets are the tool of choice for data analysis and reporting for a majority of business professionals. But Excel has its ...

January 4, 2024

Intermediate Python Classes

Presented by Trey Hunner

Making Pythonic Classes Python’s classes are flexible and powerful. While learning the syntax for creating classes isn’t terribly difficult, understanding how to structure your classes well takes some practice. Expert Trey ...

January 31, 2024

Real-World Python by Example

Presented by Nicholas Russo

A No-Nonsense, Example-Based Python Course Practical learning with 90% code examples and reviews + 10% theory and concepts for a task-oriented and fun class See how features work in concert so ...

January 30, 2024

Python Data Structures and Comprehensions

Presented by Arianne Dee

Level Up Your Python Skills Provides much-needed focus on key topics to help Python coders advance Shows data structures that are in modules/libraries and not just the built-in ones Demonstrates how ...

January 5, 2024

RPA Development with Python in 4 Hours

Presented by Milecia McGregor

How to Build RPA Bots for Business Processes RPA uses code to manage repetitive business tasks like submitting order requests, processing HR info, and extracting data in different formats. Businesses are ...