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February 7, 2024

Software Architecture Characteristics: Defining, Discovering, and Protecting Architecture

Presented by Neal Ford, Raju Gandhi

Defining, Discovering, and Protecting Architecture Software systems consist of designs to both satisfy requirements and architecture characteristics, also known as non-functional requirements. Identify and preserving architecture characteristics is a key responsibility ...

January 16, 2024

Architecture Decision Making by Example

Presented by Andrew Harmel-Law

A guide for architects and developers In this course, you’ll: Use architecture decision records to make and record great decisions Seek out and weigh the best advice in your decision making ...

January 4, 2024

Tools for Making Major Changes to Architecture

Presented by Neal Ford

Tools to make major changes to architectures Architects often find themselves facing the task of restructuring their current architecture or migrating from one architectural style to another to meet evolving needs ...

January 5 & 12, 2024

System Design by Example

Presented by Rohit Bhardwaj

Learn to design resilient systems for innovative technologies Course outcomes: Understand how to approach problems and requirements using system design methodology Learn how to solve challenging real-time scenarios Course description: Join ...

February 1, 2024

Event-Driven Architecture and Data

Presented by Adam Bellemare

A hands-on course for extracting and using events from existing data stores Getting started with event-driven architectures requires access to quality event data. In a typical organization, most of this data ...

February 5, 2024

Comparing Software Architectures

Presented by Jacqui Read

How to evaluate different architecture solutions The ability to objectively compare architectures is a valuable skill for architects, yet learning how to compare them suffers from an obvious lack—how can someone ...